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It's a sensation At the base of the heart Don’t reach for it feel it Coupled with emotion it's a strength Waiting for you to move on through Devotion, the nature of friendship Loyalty that’ll pull you through Pair it with honesty and that’s a pair true Laughter to keep the days moving Kindness to keep you hoping That Generosity will be coming To those that deserve it And looking back and thinking on it It seems like Magic to realize The moments and times That passed on by Each day on and on Like the sun and moon that we all long To come each day Reaching out like it's in grasp Like those days that we hope last These are the friends that might not be at home The ones you wait out for and long They’ll stand for you in might Strength in numbers to help you fight All over the world Connection that might seem ethereal Are stronger than steel wire Looking to pull you out of the fire Standing in together even if you retire It’s a lesson we’ve all learned After watching some pastel coloured horses The ponies that we all know Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Rarity The lessons they taught us To endure and show the world our Intelligence, strength, and grace Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash Showing that having devotion And relationships that last Will gift the world with a little inkling of Kindness, sweetness, and awesomeness That’s not even them all these are just The mane 6 links that keep us together Holding hands in a universe that expands Infinitely, Like my thoughts now that I realized this I used to stand in my house and long Looking for the days I wouldn’t be alone Then I decided to search for something To make a connection To seek something more fulfilling than video games and personal music A people that have been sitting there I just never breached the surface And took a breath realizing that not allowing myself to breathe in a puddle Of my own making Was truly freeing
Alone again I walk into the rain The laughter of the foals gets washed away as it falls again Go back in time, you'll find that I was not afraid There was a place inside me where I was not ashamed That you could fill with all your love and it would remain Alone again I walk into the rain Alone again The years just fall away, my thoughts they get derailed And with the utmost clarity I see the way I failed When I let you go, you tried so hard to stay But folly had me well seduced, I had to feel betrayed When you cantered off My judgement did abstain Alone again I walk into the rain Alone again Alone again
I am the only, not a phoney, f*ck hiphop, fakers and thugs, are not my homies I won't let status compose all your static, I'll desecrate everything you see as holy even if I am still on the low-key, my name is still in your head like a bogey I'm Still the rider driving you hopelessly, I will make ALL of you my little pony I don't do with seperating with fillers step forward or back down, f*ck your qeurrilas Actions speak louder then words in this business so shout-out to all of my kantalot killas Homie my Cottage is still going all out diss my homies and prepare for the fallout Blasting off steam is my game, so bug out player, you're entering unknown battlegrounds I make blunders, but still I won't slumber regarding the struggle I rep ALL the numbers everybody saying I couldn't knuckle is more then just dead to me, 6 feet under All I have is my word and my family that I will awnser is a big fat gaurantee regarding them and fluttershy, 1 choice Be real with me, or don't f*ck with me boy I work hard for this, I want you to know that I want to you understand, how I build this format I do more then punchlines, I do the combat Just a Mortal, but rule the tournament behind my back Rappers spitting bluff with arrogance that they know but the ponyboy without a chain, spits with the fastest flow so aslong as you cannot deal with my row you ain't telling me sh*t about grinding dough 'Cuz I'm the only, I'm on my own G, don't need a group to tell you, you a phoney hiphop ain't telling me what to employ you gettin' trot off by the pony, boy (x2) Ay, Ay, Ay, I am the Only. Ay, Ay, Ay, I got my Homies. Ay, Ay, still, up on my own G. Ay, Ay, Ay, Don't roll with Phoneys.
Have you heard of the song that nature sings? Of the trees and the waves, we’ll set the pace. Have you heard of the peace and love it brings? As kings, as knaves, we’ll fly with grace. We’ll dance on the keys of nature. Play a sonata in its purest form. We’ll live as one forever. To death from this night we’re born. A moment is never too long, From time and times again to know; Time between right and wrong. The situations ebb and flow, And count ‘til moment’s dawn. And mountains rise above the clouds, As the legends have foretold. Largely looming, loud and proud, And our spirit begins to unfold. The dancer’s pace in an unlocked room, There comes an audience in her name. And futures fire in her eyes of doom, Loves to set forth her universal game. Sadder still to watch it die, Than never to have known it. But a moment's touch will never fly As long as the seer sees fit.


Once again A State of Sugar proudly presents our another album (this time 3rd one) - Bubblegum!
We really want to thank you all for making this album together! Your hard work and passion were ingredients you all put together in order to make something so amazing. And here we are, standing as one... let the waves invite your soul to the land of aesthetic pink neon lines and 90's aesthetic.
How it feels to chew that gum you gotta ask... well, check it out and stimulate your senses with variety of many different flavours!

All donations will go towards the artists who helped to make this album even possible.

So don't wait and feel the flavour of the Bubblegum! :3

🔥 Album Promo: www.youtube.com/watch

BandCamp: astateofsugar.bandcamp.com
YouTube: youtube.com/AStateofSugar
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/astateofsugar
Twitter: twitter.com/AStateOfSugar


released July 21, 2018

Organised and managed by Violin Melody and ObscureDragone

Credit for the amazing album art goes to ObscureDragone: obscuredragone.deviantart.com

Special thanks to Makenshi, Lycan & ExplodingPonyToast for their help and support

And to all of you who support our community!


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